Exaltation Dominance I

Download the story as pdf file: Version 0.00 (this is a very early version containing the days 1 and 2 and the very beginning of day 3.)


Day 1: Really weird things happen and people become happier for no apparent reason.

Day 2: Foreshadowed by unusual dreams, many people develop the ability to read the emotions of other humans and animals. Reports about miracle cures of virtually all diseases sweep over the globe. Even though their intelligence increases rapidly during the day, all human beings are deeply puzzled about their new ability to sense the presence of humans and animals around them as if they had some kind of psychic radar.

Day 3: More lucid dreams reveal that people are becoming invincible. No weapon can penetrate their new shiny personal energy shields. It even gets better: Psychokinesis becomes a common ability for all. Humans start flying through the air by using the power of their minds – non-human animals too.

Day 4: It becomes clear that a higher power causes this apocalyptic transformation: The Exaltation.

What is the Exaltation?

___ written by Michael “RadiVis” Hrenka.
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