This page acts as short introduction to my reputation economy system Quantified Prestige, as well as collection of all related materials (see below). It is therefore updated regularly.

Introduction to Quantified Prestige

Quantified Prestige is a reputation system with a wide range of economic and other applications that I’ve started developing in late 2011. It currently mainly exists as concept, because there is no functioning software implementation of it, yet – this is work in progress.

Why? Because Digital Abundance!

Although Quantified Prestige is a very flexible system that can be used in many different ways, its main purpose is to provide a new mode of economic activity that enables Digital Abundance: The free and open availability of high quality digital goods for no cost! In other words, it will both make everyone on the planet wealthier by providing excellent digital goods for free, as well as make copyrights and intellectual property obsolete! This will increase economic efficiency dramatically, and enable a highly effective collaborative and open mode of production of digital and other goods. The Digital Abundance Economy will be the true successor to our current capitalist system, which still fails to take full use of the possibilities that the digital revolution provides us with.

Additionally, Quantified Prestige is ideal for being used to implement a distributed, decentralized basic income, which would help to eradicate poverty and eventually facilitate global universal prosperity. There are good reasons to expect such a basic income to further increase economic efficiency, which at the same time reducing economic inequality and the social problems that are connected to it.

How? With Reputation Incomes!

At its core, Quantified Prestige is a peer-to-peer reputation system that lets users determine the Prestige score of other users by granting them points (so-called Esteem Points) – for any reason they deem fit! There are different versions of Quantified Prestige with varying levels of complexity, each adequate to a certain size and structure of the social peer-to-peer network. In each case, the main function of Quantified Prestige is to produce socially validated and meaningful Prestige scores for all participants of the system.

The next step is to couple the Prestige scores with some kind of electronic currency, whether that be Euro, Dollar, Bitcoin, some other cryptocurrency, or the native Quantified Prestige currency Fluido. In proportion to their Prestige scores, users of the network will receive reputation incomes in the specified currency.

Naturally, reputation incomes will enable a highly advanced reputation-based gift economy, which will generate economic rewards for the creators of free digital goods.

Who builds it? The Digital Abundance Network!

I realize that I need to make the first concrete steps in turning Quantified Prestige into a real system that is there to actually support people. At the same time, it’s also obvious that I can’t do everything alone to create the infrastructure for the Digital Abundance Economy. so I’ve already set up the Digital Abundance Network (DAN), whose main mission it is to establish a Digital Abundance Economy. If you want to join DAN, then please contact me via email or via private message in the Fractal Future Forum.

There’s already an initial plan for the construction of a Digital Abundance Economy. The following three part blog post series explains it in detail. Note that “REPDEV Network” was the previous name for DAN.

  1. What is the REPDEV Network?
  2. The REPDEV Network Eco Transformation Strategy
  3. The REPDEV Network Operating System

Quantified Prestige related materials

The most important resource about Quantified Prestige is the full documentation. It’s quite comprehensive, which is the reason why I don’t refer to this document with the currently popular term white paper. Other resources focus more on the meaning, or the implementation of the Quantified Prestige system.

The Full Quantified Prestige Documentation

Weighted directed graph which could be used in a Quantified Prestige Network with 6 users. Posts about Quantified Prestige

Fractal Future Forum Posts about Quantified Prestige