Added Exaltation Dominance Page

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Exaltation Dominance is a project I started after beginning Da Vinci Omega: Perturbation. It is intended to be a story with two parts. The first part depicts the first seven days, while the second part is supposed to show the further development of the world. Somehow I faced a writer’s block in day 3, so only the first two days and the very beginning of day 3 are now available for download on the Exaltation Dominance page.

Currently I’m working ...

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Intro: Exaltation Dominance

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There’s the big problem that I have great difficulties at finishing my stories. So, what I have right now are some started projects, for which I provide intro texts, at first. Here’s the first one:

Exaltation Dominance

Day 1: Really weird things happen and people become happier for no apparent reason.

Day 2: Foreshadowed by unusual dreams, many people develop the ability to read the emotions of other humans and animals. Reports about miracle cures of virtually all diseases sweep over the globe. ...

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