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Here’s a description of me that fits on one (reasonably large) page and focuses on all the really important and interesting stuff:

I’m a utilitarian philosopher. As philosopher I want to explore the nature of reality. That has motivated me to study mathematics and physics, in addition to their general usefulness. As utilitarian it is my wish to increase the happiness of all sentient beings dramatically and abolish involuntary suffering as far as possible. This requires a world in which nobody is ignored or left behind; no human, no other sentient animal, and no sentient artificial intelligence. I’m working towards the creation of such a world. Both technological and societal progress are necessary to transform our world into a place in which even the weakest are happy, free, and protected.

Any advanced society should acknowledge the crucial role of technology in the pursuit of great happiness for all. Unfortunately, technological advances alone do not guarantee high moral standards. Therefore I’m most interested in the improvement of society. My focus lies on doing that by developing and promoting better systems.

  • I’m vegan and support the interests of animals.
  • As guiding ethical ideals I’ve assembled the Prismatic Principles.
  • Quantified Prestige is a system I developed to enable a progressive reputation based economy, which should encourage the creation of support goods and services that are universally beneficial.
  • Here on I collect my thoughts and stories about very advanced fictional civilizations.
  • For the purpose of self-improvement I suggest using self-tracking systems, some of which can also be used for “life gamification”.
  • Furthermore, I’m an active member of Zero State, a movement for positive social change through technology.
  • If you are interested in what flavor of utilitarianism I adhere to, it might be a useful information that I call it “valence qualia utilitarianism”.
  • Due to the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences and similar considerations, I’m in favor of an ontology (a theory about objects in existence) which I call “mathematical structure realism”. Given reasonable assumptions, it has mind-boggling implications like the existence of an infinite number of afterlives! My perhaps paradoxical conclusions are that we really should focus on the world we are currently living in, and that religion should have exactly the same status as pure fiction, because both are equally true.
  • Nevertheless, I encourage secular spirituality in the sense of feeling oneself as part of something greater. When I was 18 I had a very intense spiritual experience in which I felt connected to a cosmic network of absolutely unconditional love. The happiness I experienced back then was so incredibly high that I thought that I could die from it, and I even didn’t really care. I’m not saying that I actually believe in the existence of such a cosmic network, but it would be awesome to build one, if that’s possible at all.

Finally some stuff I like: animes, black, critical thinking, dreaming, fantasy stories, forests, futurepop, horses, improvement, infinity, novelty, purple, science, science fiction, storms, video games

And that’s it. Some of those points probably need a deeper explanation. If you want to know more details, please tell me your questions, so that I have a better idea about what to write next.

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