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Hello, I am RadiVis (which might mean Radical Visionary). I ordered the domain radivis.com in order to have a nice place to present all my science fiction ideas and stories.

So, what’s this so called Radical Vision all about? Radical Vision can be considered as a collection of science fiction worlds by which philosophical ideas around topics like transhumanism, the technological Singularity, artificial intelligence, ethics and ontology are explored in stories, which present scenarios that are basically derived from those ideas. As I acknowledge that pondering about philosophical questions can be very difficult and demanding, I think the approach of writing interesting stories is the most suitable and fun method to explain philosophical concepts in a more or less implicit way.

As we face uncertain and challenging futures, I think it is very important to have radically positive visions that can provide some ideas about the astounding chances and grave dangers of the world of tomorrow. What can’t be expected, are perfect worlds in which there are no serious problems or shortcomings at all. It is certainly not realistic to expect that a world can exist that fully appeals to everyone. Therefore, my aim is to picture worlds that are pretty awesome in many ways, without claiming that they are ideal in any sense.

Even though I might fail, I try to keep my sci-fi worlds and stories reasonably realistic, consistent, fascinating and entertaining. But if there is one attribute that I want my stories to have in any case, it is this: Thought-provoking. I hope you enjoy my stories! 🙂

P.S.: This is not my only blog, as I have a more general and personal blog that is called (-Death)rant.net, which I use to present my views on various philosophical and societal topics.



  1. Avril Aurora  November 1, 2013

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  2. zani  October 9, 2015

    Hi read your article ” Solving Problems With Collective Intelligence – Towards an Internet of Thinkers?” http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/hrenka20151010

    For years i am thinking of a program that could work as an decision making/problem solving tool with wich a democratic society like ours could be upgraded so more people could would have more influence as now is the case with representative democracy. This is the first article i see that comes close to that. A piece of software like this should incorperate many things, like referals to laws, knowledgebases like wikipedia. Users should be able to learn working with it and learing their new role with in such a political desicion making structure. Probely it should be accopanied with some kind of AI who analyses the proposed problem solutions on logic and correct concept use. Anyway i would like some exchange of ideas about it.



    • RadiVis  October 10, 2015

      Hi zani,

      thank you very much for contacting me about your ideas. There are a couple of projects which move into the direction you are suggesting, though none of them fits your description perfectly. Many of those systems have been unsuccessful so far, for reasons I am still struggling to comprehend. It would probably make a lot of sense to collect these systems and projects. There have been some interesting discussions about such platforms on my Fractal Future Forum, especially in the Discourse -> Technology category. I would love if you presented your ideas there. Otherwise, please contact me via mail.

      Michael “Radivis” Hrenka


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