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Perhaps it is a good idea to tell you what’s my current status with writing the three stories I mentioned before. Anyway, everything I have written is pretty alpha and unpolished. It might be easier for me to write in German, because I live in Germany, but I have found that the English language is much better suited for writing singularity related fiction (like Orion’s Arm for example), because it’s a bit easier to invent new words for the entities that may arise after the Singularity in English. So, here’s how far I have come until now:

Exaltation Dominance: Finished Day 1, Day 2 and the beginning of Day 3. Word count: 10712 (including some comments in the text).

Storytellers’ Chronicles: I’ve only written a part of the first story. Word count: 3300

Da Vinci Omega: Perturbation: Finished the first two chapters and the beginning of the third chapter. Word count: 8877

I’m not sure whether it would be better only to release the finished chapters or everything I have written so far. In any case, everything is a pretty early version. What I’m also not sure about is in which order I should release the stories, and in which format (I thought about pdf files vs. html texts directly here in this blog). On the right panel there’s a small poll that might help me to decide how to set my priorities.

Hearing some opinions about those issues would be good. 🙂


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