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The next story I’m working on plays in the world I call Our Ascent (I own the domain, which also links to this blog). It’s the world I’ve designed to the greatest detail of all my science fiction scenarios. Essentially, Storytellers’ Chronicles is supposed to become a series of short stories that depict the rather everyday life in a quite utopic supercivilization.

Storytellers’ Chronicles

Some years after the Foundation the solar system Origis is completely colonized by the supercivilization called Domain of Life. United by the Anima Mundi, a benign AI god, a vast multitude of immensely different entities and cultures awaits to be explored by the inhabitants of Origis. Most of those inhabitants are Hedonents, superintelligent and superhappy minds, mostly living in amazing virtual worlds. Many of them, the so called fast-timers, additionally think at such a high speeds that a single second feels to them like a whole hour.

Their high mind-speed and the relative slowness of the speed of light cause a rather annoying problem for fast-timers: Communication across the solar system only works with a lag of subjective months or even years. Therefore, lag-free first hand contact with far away cultures comes at the high price of leaving your friends for a long time. This inconvenience explains the existence of a big market for storytellers who travel through the solar system and turn their meetings with foreign cultures into fascinating second hand contacts for their customers by telling their stories in totally immersive experience records and role playing games.

In a grpup of those storytellers a new Hedonent called Dessin Jorthai is initialized and learns about the world in which e lives. While growing up in the group, Dessin gets the chance to explore the wonders and the richness of the Domain of Life – and its extraordinary mysteries.

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